Open 10am to 5pm daily at

172 West Hood Street, Sisters, Oregon.

Call us at 541-549-0111

Have you seen the changes?!?! We Remodeled!!  We’ve worked hard this winter creating a new look at THE HEN’S TOOTH in scenic Sisters, Oregon 

“Why The Hen’s Tooth?”

As scarce as a Hen’s Tooth is an old quip meaning something rare and of value. We search out treasures, collect and arrange them for your perusing pleasure. We orchestrate ambiance, and deliver a soothing shopping experience that both delights and entertains.

Fluent in Gifts

We believe that gift giving is a love pat; a reminder that you have spent time, not just money, thinking what little something would brighten their day. Your gift tells them that you cherish and hold them dear. We believe these gestures should be affordable, and carefully gift wrapped for free.  One of our most unique and famous Treasures are Grandpa’s Tweezers, we are happy to ship them if you need a pair or two before you plan to visit us.

Be Our Guest!

Most of all, we make it our focus to entertain you as our precious guest.  The Hen’s Tooth is not only one of  the premier Gift shops in Sisters, Oregon we also endeavor to touch lives in a meaningful and loving way. So put us on your calendar, and let us present you with a really great memory that is The Hen’s Tooth gift.

Always Appreciate

  We are honored to have you walk through our door.  We’d love to visit with you, and if there is “Hen’s Tooth” you’d like to take home we are grateful you chose one of our treasures.