Our Rooster



This guy works up a hearty appetite taking care of the chicks!


Handy Greg

Have tool, will travel..have wire, will hang it high!








This is Greg Westendorf, co-owner with wife Debbie and daughter Heather: Our head rooster. He hauls freight, unpacks and marks it, fixes what needs fixing, and is always ready to help the chicks. He also keeps a eye on the website, and if you’ve ever ordered anything from The Hen’s Tooth, he’s probably been involved. Master of good and questionable jokes, he keeps things cheerful at the hen house. No job is too big or small and he still makes time to chat with our customers. (more folks seem to know him than anybody else on staff!) So while he may not always get as many thanks as are due, we appreciate and love him, and are grateful that he is part of our crew. Thank you Greg!


Grandpa Greg teaches grandson Kalven to be strong.