Our Chicks

Through the years, one thing has never changed…OUR SMILES!

We are family at the Hen’s Tooth and we endeavor to extend that warmth to everyone who walks inside our home. Our current Chicks are Heather, Melissa, Mary, Michelle, Sharon, Jill, Crystal, and Debbie. And supporting them is our Head Rooster, Greg Westendorf. Each chick is given eggs-pert training in customer service and product knowledge. In addition, they have learned the importance of listening, because we are here to serve you ,not just sell you something. We enjoy hearing all  about you and what brought you to the Hen’s Tooth nest. We are confidant that you will find exactly what you need here, even if it’s just a caring ear. Come and share yourself with us. You will not be disappointed. Head Rooster next!

See our 2014 Summer’s end celebration honoring out Hen’s Tooth staff.


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